The Renewable Materials Company

A sustainable future

The world has a challenge on its hands. We have to lower our carbon footprint as temperatures continue to rise.
The global population is increasing and consumer demand is going up in line with the growing middle classes. Urbanisation continues at a rapid pace and consumers’ needs are changing in our digital society.

Consumers want solutions. They want to make the
right environmental decisions and they demand the same from companies. According to Carbon Trust, (Ref Carbon Trust: 45% of consumers say they would avoid brands that did not take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Could trees be the answer? They certainly have the potential to be a big part of the solution. The renewable raw material absorbs CO2 during its lifetime and produces far less CO2 emissions when used in production compared to oil-based products.

Wood is good

Trees are an integral part of our lives in many ways. We’ve built homes, huts and halls with them. Clothes have been made from tree-based viscose fibres since the late 1800s (Source: and paper is not exactly a new invention with origins dating back to 200 BC.

In recent years, we’ve innovated and developed new solutions from wood. Today, we can construct high-rise buildings, create stronger, lighter packaging and we’re working to replace plastics with products from wood-based fibres. Even some paints and glues can be made using wood-based materials. On top of that, we can add intelligence to our products. It’s now possible to put sensors on packages telling us exactly where they are, what’s inside and if anything has happened to them.

Our role

Today, Stora Enso develops and produces a range of packaging, pulp, wooden building solutions, paper and biomaterials derived from wood. But we’re not stopping there. Anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. The different fractions of the biomass, not used for pulp
or energy, could even be made into renewable products not possible from fossil-based and other non-renewable materials.
As experts in wood-based renewable materials, we’re striving to make the best use of our experience and knowhow
to find solutions for the future that can help meet the global challenges facing us today.

Responsible forestry

At Stora Enso, we work to ensure the forests and plantations in our scope are sustainably managed and that more trees are grown than harvested. From trees to products to regeneration, we play a vital role in the bioeconomy.